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Bedroom & Bathroom Painting Colors

Bedroom Colors

Bedroom is your private haven, where you can be yourself and relax after a tiring day. It is one room of the house where there is no pretension and you are totally at ease. So when planning the bedroom colors we want warmth, style, mood and comfort. But how to team all these up with the correct bedroom wall colors. Well this challenging dilemma ends right here.

Offering you a range of different color scheme ideas that is going to make your boudoir look attractive and totally unique. But before we start off, simply ask one question from yourself. What do you want your bedroom to look like? Do you want it to be romantic, or relaxing or something fun? Once the objective is clear in your mind select the bedroom colors accordingly.

Muted Bedroom Colors

While going for the bedroom color selection there is always a conflict whether to go for muted colors or the bold ones. While on one hand, bold colors make a bedroom come alive, muted wall colors tend to give a soothing and rest ambience to the room. The clam and relaxing sense helps in a good night’s sleep. Another plus point of light or muted colors is they can make a small room appear larger.

Cool Bedroom Colors

Blues, greens and lavenders come in the category of cool bedroom colors. These hues are perfect for any age group and go wonderfully well in bedrooms. The colors tend to give a calm and peaceful feel to the bedroom. Also these light shade colors give the room a spacious and airy feel. So if your bedroom is small then it is best to go for light colors as compared to darker shades.


Warm Colors

Though cool colors is the most popular choice for bedroom colors, the right combination of warm hues can give an equally pleasant look. To give a warm soft look to your bedroom go for wall colors like yellow, peach, light pink. Remember to use the lighter shades of these colors. If the use of these colors is towards the darker side then it will overpower your bedroom.

Neutral Colors

Well neutral shades also work out wonderfully for the bedroom walls. Giving an elegant and calm look, these colors can give any character to your room. A plus point in using neutral colors is there are many options available in decor. So with simple changes you can have a completely new bedroom. So if you are one of those persons who tend to get bored easily with one type of decor then neutral bedroom colors are the right thing for you.

Meaning of Different Colors

The bedroom wall colors speak for themselves. The mood you have in mind should be reflected in your bedroom. So if you are going for blue walls then it is going to give a soothing and calm feeling to your bedroom. Of course one can always spice it up a bit with an attractive decor. In the same way if you are fond of green and have it in mind for your bedroom walls then you are creating a stress free ambience for yourself. Works well for our hectic lifestyles. And then there is the favorite bedroom color; red. Well this color stands for both passion and anger. So use this hot color in a measured way. Team the decorations with soft shades like white curtains. Black is also another color that goes well with red. One can also try painting one wall in a bold color and the rest in softer shades for a comfortable look to the bedroom.

Colors of the Bathroom

The bathroom colors should always be light. This helps in giving a fresh look to the bathroom. White, light blue and pale green are the best choice available. Avoid dark colors like black or dark red. Keep the bathroom shiny and clean. You can even add some plants to add a decor element in the bathroom. If you are going for tiles for the bathroom, then keep them in neutral shades. According to Vaastu, dark colors create a disturbing element. For a soothing and relaxing experience light colors are recommended.





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