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apex ultima protek

apex ultima protek
Apex Ultima Protek
system is India's most advanced exterior painting system that gives your home holistic protection along with unmatched beauty. Address specific problems like dampness, algae, cracks and colour fading that tarnish the health and look of your exteriors with Apex Ultima Protek system.

One of a kind painting system to offer 10 Year Durability Warranty on Film integrity and colour retention

5 year warranty on Waterproofing and Anti Algal performance.


Effective Waterproofing
The superlative waterproofing capabilities of the Asian Paints Ultima Protek system forms an effective barrier against water penetration. Its superior resistance to positive hydrostatic pressure prevents the appearance of ugly damp patches on the walls and preserves the beauty and strength of the structure.

Superior Cleanability
Cleanability of Apex Ultima Protek film is much better than any other exterior painting system. It is much easier to clean rust, soil and dirt streaks, ensuring your walls look fresh and new for a long period of time.

Excellent Crack Bridging
The Asian Paints Ultima Protek film has significantly higher elongation as compared to a normal paint film and comes with recron fiber reinforcement. This combination provides the system a unique crack bridging ability of approximately 2 mm. This film has passed the most stringent of contraction and expansion tests and ensures that your wall is well protected by not allowing moisture and dust to enter.

Anti – Algal Property
The Asian Paints Ultima Protek system comes with an advanced bio-pack which prevents the formation of algae and fungus on the exterior walls and keeps them free from black spots and blemishes. This ensures that the beauty of your exteriors lasts for a longer period of time.

Anti Fading property
Apex Ultima Protek system contains special UV resistant pigments which slow down the degradation of the paint and helps it lasts longer even in harsh sunlight. It also has a special binder formulation that provides additional protection to the paint film. All in all helping keep colours fresh and buildings looking good as new.

Structural protection
The reinforcing steel rods that fortify new building structures stay protected from corrosion thanks to the building’s naturally alkaline plaster. However, the ingress of carbon dioxide into the plaster can reduce its alkalinity level in the concrete drops below a critical level, the steel rods are prone to corrosion. The non porous , anti carbonation film of the Apex Ultima Protek system doesn't allow the carbon dioxide and chloride ions to penetrate into the structure. This helps in preventing the corrosion of steel rods and thereby preserving the structural strength of the building.







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