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Apex Ultima Protek
system is India's most advanced exterior painting system that gives your home holistic protection along with unmatched beauty. Address specific problems like dampness, algae, cracks and colour fading that tarnish the health and look of your exteriors with Apex Ultima Protek system.

One of a kind painting system to offer 10 Year Durability Warranty on Film integrity and colour retention and 5 year warranty on Waterproofing and Anti Algal performance.


washable exterior painting
Asian Paints Exterior Paint Apex Ultima with 7years performance warranty Apex Ultima Asian paints Apex Ultima comes with the breakthrough Colour StayTM technology making it superior compared to any other exterior coating. It has specially formulated high performance colour pigments, which have excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiations. This ensures brighter, cleaner shades that will not fade. This state of the art technology consists of special additives which prevents tarnishing of the paint film; ensuring that the clean look of the shades stays as bright as new for a number of years, even in extreme weather conditions. Apex Ultima with Colour StayTM comes with a comprehensive 7 year warranty*, ensuring that the shade stays as good as new for a number of years.

Asian Paints Exterior Paint Apex Ultima with 7 years performance warranty Apex Ultima When painting exteriors, one of the most important decisions is the quality and brand of paint to be used. So while top quality exterior paints may cost a little more in absolute terms, the advantages they bring are many; better protection, long lasting beauty, better per litre coverage etc. This means that once you paint your home, you don't have to paint it again for a long time.

Ultimate Protection

Monsoons are refreshing after the summer heat, but they bring a common problem of black spots on most houses all over the country. This is the result of algal growth. Algae are basic vegetative plants that thrive on nutrients accumulated on painted surfaces. There are a number of factors that cause algae formation, some of which are mentioned here:

  • Rainfall
  • Vegetation
  • Humidity
  • Algae
  • Dust

The two fold damage caused by algal growth is mentioned here:

  • Dark patches and black spots spoil the beauty of your home
  • Some algae and surrounding vegetation trap water and prevent it from drying. This causes damage to the painted wall surface and the main structure


Apex Ultima is specially formulated to take on this challenge. It contains an Advanced Anti Algal Formula which prevents the formation of algae and keeps the ugly black spots away. So, paint the exterior surfaces of your home with Apex Ultima and relax. The aesthetic beauty and strength of your home beating extreme weather conditions remains intact.


Apex Ultima Metallics

Metal is an enduring symbol of royalty and status. Prep up the glamour quotient of your exterior walls with Asian Paints Apex Ultima Metallics - a collection of shimmering shades that give your exterior walls a radiant glow. The high quality finish and superior metallic feel makes your exterior walls shine year after year, season after season. An extended selection of shades from the Apex Ultima family, Apex Ultima Metallics has numerous stunning complementary and contrasting shimmers to enhance the look of your exterior walls. And assure you five years of premium performance. Pick the shade that appeals to you and give your home an eye- catching makeover.







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