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Move over cement paints....

ACE Exterior Emulsion is just right for the beauty and protection of your home!

Weather Guard Anti Fading


FeaturesCement PaintACE Exterior Emulsion
BeautyBecomes dull and ugly in a shorter period of timeRemains bright and attractive for longer period of time
Shade Range Limited shade range
Weak dark shades
Shades fade after some time
Available in more than 1000 shades
Attractive dark shades
Shades don't fade for long
LifeQuick deterioration of paint film with an average life of 1 yearStrong paint film with an average life of 3 years
Anti-algal No protection against algal growth

Black spots after monsoons

Good anti-algal protection in non-coastal climate No black spots
UsageDifficult to use as lot of curing is requiredSaves time and labour costs as no curing is required

ACE Exterior Emulsion clearly brings you a competitive benefit over Cement Paint. So, forget about chalking, black spots or fading of your paints, get ready to admire the sheer beauty of your exterior walls.








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